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      Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd.
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      For meet the needs of the company's business development, we are recruiting the following talents:
      [Recruitment]: Chemical trade salesman
      [ Qualification ]:
              1. Comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the responsible products and the upstream and downstream suppliers, customers,
              2. Responsible for their products to negotiate the purchase and sale contract, logistics, etc,
              3. Keep in touch with customers, factories and related business units, good communication,
              4. Coordinate with other departments to ensure the business communication, the successful completion of the work,
              5. End users development and customer maintenance etc,

      We adhere to the people-centered, to create a good working atmosphere, establish and perfect the management system; to provide a better platform to allow employees to give full play to their talent.
      Expect you to join us, to create a better future!
      lease contact with us if you are interested in,
      Contact: Mr. Zhang
      Email: zch@huajiachem.cn

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